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 – choir / ensemble –

Amass - SATB a capella

University of Michigan Chamber Choir

Listen on Navona Records

Ashes of Roses - SATB, chorus, orchestra, soli
Moon Goddess - SSA choir, 4-hand piano, large frame/buffalo drum, finger cymbals, suspended cymbal

Now Our Meeting's Over - SATB (div.) a capella

Let Your Heart Speak Music - SATB (div.) a capella

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - SATB (div.) a capella
On My Dreams - SATB div. choir, piano, opt. trap set

Soft Blink of Amber Light - SATB divisi, flute, clarinet, marimba, cymbals and piano

Someplace - SSAATTBB, 2 soloists, beatboxer

Vespertilians - SATB a capella


 – solo voice –

love. songs - baritone / piano
selected movements

Bradley Greenwald, baritone
Sonja Thompson, piano

songs of Fields and Prairies - soprano / piano
(selected movements)
Jennifer Kult, soprano; Jocelyn Hagen, piano
The Time of Singing has Come - soprano / tenor / piano
(selected movement)
soprano, tenor, piano
Linda Lister, soprano; Chuck Chandler, tenor; Ben Harris, piano
Gwendolen's Dream - soprano / clarinet in A / cello
Linh Kauffman, soprano / Jenn Gerth, clarinet / Sally Dorer, cello
Jocelyn HagenGwendolen's Dream
Bones (SPEARFISHER, feat. Jocelyn Hagen) - voice and electronics

Hole in a Bucket (PrismBreaker, Jocelyn Hagen) - voice and electronics

 – instrumental –

Solar - full orchestra
Commissioned and premiered by The Metropolitan Symphony – view the YouTube video

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