Gwendolen’s Dream (soprano, clarinet in A, cello) (printed copy)


A sweet and intimate love story.

 Linh Kauffman, soprano



Voicing: Soprano, Clarinet in A, Cello

Level: 4

Duration: approx. 3.5 minutes

To see perusal score, please contact Jocelyn.


I found the poem “Gwendolen’s Dream” on the back of a boutique greeting card in Missoula, Montana, in 2002.  Soon afterwards I composed this short song for soprano, clarinet, and cello.  The soprano serves as the narrator for this bittersweet love story, portrayed by the two instruments.  The clarinet, as the woman, begins with a motive that turns over and around itself, rolling somewhat like a wave.  The cello enters, representing her unattainable lover.




by G.T.P. Cleaver


Woman walked into the sea,

dissolved into foam;

bones saturating the barnacled rocks,

getting caught in the seaweed,

washing upon the shore.


Woman waited,

and sometimes he came,


and naked,

like a warrior to the sands,

the sun burning his body brown.


And every time he waded in

and floated on the waves

woman wrapped herself

about his body.



he would pick up a pretty shell;

that night, as he lay in bed,

he held it to his ear.


It reminded him,

though he could not fathom why,

of her voice.


Composer’s Notes


I have found that the instrumentalists prefer playing from the full score for this work, so no parts are sold separately.

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