To Gold in Broadest Blue (Full Score) (printed copy)


This uplifting work draws inspiration from the composer’s home state of North Dakota and grounds itself in possibility, tranquility, and peace.



For wind ensemble


Performed by The St. Olaf Band, Dr. Timothy Mahr, conductor
February 4, 2020, Paul Shaghoian Memorial Concert Hall, Fresno, CA


duration: 7 minutes


I grew up in the country, outside a small town in North Dakota. The prairie, the rolling hills, the colors, the peace and quiet ~ that is home to me. To Gold in Broadest Blue emulates that place. It is not majestic or grand like the mountains or the sea, but there is something magical about the space and the horizon line. For me, To Gold in Broadest Blue (a line taken from a Wallace Stevens poem) reflects upon that line between the fields of wheat and the sky. The music is built on ascending lines ~ the blue sky, cloudless, all around us, and ends with a hymn-like chorale that takes its footholds in the dirt, grounding us to the earth and our place in the world.


Commissioned by the Midwest District of Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi




Piccolo/flute                                                            B-flat Trumpet 1

Flute 1                                                                        B-flat Trumpet 2

Flute 2                                                                        B-flat Trumpet 3

Oboe 1                                                                        Horn 1

Oboe 2 (doubling English Horn, optional)                        Horn 2

Bassoon 1                                                            Horn 3

Bassoon 2                                                            Horn 4

E-flat clarinet                                                            Trombone 1

B-flat clarinet 1                                                            Trombone 2

B-flat clarinet 2                                                            Bass Trombone

B-flat clarinet 3                                                            Euphonium

Bass Clarinet                                                            Tuba

Soprano Saxophone                                                String Bass

Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone


Percussion 1                                    Percussion 2                                    Percussion 3

Vibraphone                                     Tam-tam                                                Timpani

(motor off, pedal with discretion)            Suspended Cymbal                        Crotales

Triangle                                                Triangle                                                Marimba

Suspended Cymbal                        Chimes                                                Bass Drum



Performance Notes


There are specific whistling instructions in the score. N = niente.

The English Horn line is optional (and not transposed in the score). It may be played by oboe.

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