To My Daughter, After a Fight (voice and piano) (printed copy)

A touching song based on the nature of parental love.



Voicing: voice and piano

Level: 3

Duration: approx. 2:45

To see perusal score, please contact Jocelyn.


This song was commissioned by soprano and voice instructor Joyce Hall Wolfe. The vocal line consists of a limited range, but good breath support is needed at the climax.




By Anna Evans, used with permission


Raising you I hold
my character up to the light.
Check the watermark – –
cheap paper, plain and coarse.
How to teach you virtues
I don’t always possess?
The future branches,
a puzzle tree, impossible to climb.


Forgive me: my shouted words
mattered more than the medium.
Before you write your own page,
I ask you to consider mine.

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