The Compose Like a Girl initiative amplifies female-identifying composers, helps conductors diversify their concerts, and works toward more equality in music programming and commissioning.

When we say “Like a Girl”
The Compose like a Girl initiative is reclaiming the phrase “like a girl.” This sentiment has almost always been used as an insult, and we’re wanting to redefine what it truly means: having the bravery to unapologetically be who you are. We’re using the term “girl” in a very broad and inclusive way, exploring the lived experiences of those whose identities have not been expected to succeed in our society. We are exploring the privilege, power, and opportunity that all intersect with our ability to self-advocate and live confidently. The conversation around gender is evolving on a daily basis, and this initiative wants to be a part of that discourse especially within the context of artistry. In the creative world, being an artist is a vulnerable journey. When we say “compose like a girl,” we’re really encouraging you to express your authentic self.


Jocelyn shares conversations with composers. Learn more and listen to episodes here.

Choral Series
The Compose Like A Girl Choral Series seeks to empower composers who identify as women through mentorship, editorial direction, publication, and promotion. Compose Like A Girl titles are selected by Jocelyn Hagen, published through JH Music, and distributed by Graphite Publishing. Composers in the series receive a 50% royalty on the sale of each copy.


You can support these composers, diversify your concerts, and push towards equality by programming music from the Compose Like A Girl Choral Series. Inviting the composer into the rehearsal process through a zoom or in-person workshop or Q & A session is an incredible experience for all involved.


Learn more here.


An important aspect of the initiative focuses on the mentorship provided by Jocelyn for women at all stages in their compositional journey. Composers sign up for 30-minute zoom sessions during her designated “office hours.” These sessions provide composition lessons, engraving feedback, publishing and general career advice for composers of all ages. Contact Jocelyn if you’re interested in receiving mentorship.

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